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eCommerce Websites

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An eCommerce website offers enormous potential benefits to businesses, whatever their size. To be able to sell online is like having a 24 hour shop that's open to the whole world 7 days a week every week. We offer a proven eCommerce solution that is user friendly, expandable and easily managed without programming knowledge. A fully automotive modular system with many payment, delivery and product display solutions.




An E-commerce shopping Cart website offers enormous potential benefits to businesses, whatever their size. The benefits include:

Access to a Global Market

The Internet allows businesses access to a huge market of potential customers worldwide.

Cutting out the Middleman

Businesses can sell direct to end-users.

A Level Playing Field

A small business can show itself to be as professional and credible as its larger competitors.

24-Hour Business

With a website that accepts payments online you are always open for business to customers even if your office is closed.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

An eCommerce website can be a powerful tool for building customer loyalty. A well designed website puts the customer in charge of the relationship - they can buy, browse, ask for help or track the progress of their order when they want.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Word of mouth can be incredibly powerful on the Web through e-mail recommendations and search engine ratings. You can achieve a great deal through organic growth by treating customers well, keeping them informed about your activities and benchmarking yourself against competitors.

Better Customer Information

Giving online customers passwords to your site saves them having to re-enter their details every time they shop. But it also gives you information about buying habits to refine your marketing, pricing and purchasing strategies.

Streamlined Business Processes

Increasingly companies are integrating their business processes. Orders come in to their website, card details are processed, goods dispatched and stock re-ordered seamlessly, dramatically reducing the cost of each sale.



The price include all costs required to get you a fully functioning online shop. Includes the following:
  • 1 Web address (URL)
  • Free hosting for the first year - thereafter £120 will be chargable per annum (this fee will be for your hosting and domain registration - you will not have to pay anything esle to keep your site up and running)
  • 5 Email address or email forwarding
  • Website designed to your specification - we will meet with you and take advice on how to layout and design the website.
  • Your company contact details such as name, address, phone and email
  • Google map
  • Contact Form
  • Unlimited information pages with CMS (We will create up to 5 pages but you can create more as neeeded) 
  • Unlimited products for sale (we will add up to 20 initially but you can add as many as needed)
  • Shipping system - we will create up to two shipping options for you - such as Royal Mail and Collection
  • Payment Gateway - we will give a choice of up to 10 Gateways to use including PayPal and set up PayPal Credit Card system for free. You can choose to use others but may have to pay a setup fee to the provider.
  • Site SEO and submission to Google and Yahoo





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